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Dr. Sandhu and her team are on a mission to promote practical preventive oral healthcare for your kids and teens. Our goal is to prepare all our patients for a lifetime of strong, healthy and happy smiles. 

Initial Consultation 
We will start by building a customized plan for your child's first exam visit. The plan will outline the type of exam, x-rays, cleaning, and possible fluoride treatment is needed. We will then introduce your child to the basics of preventive dental care and tell them what to expect the next time they see us. This allows us to learn a little about you child so that our first comprehensive exam visit is a success.

Pediatric Dental Check-Ups
It is highly recommend that children see their  dentist for a general preventative care visit at least every 6 months. Our preventive dental care visits are designed to engage the whole family in positive oral health practices.  At Thamesford Village Dental, your child’s visits will be custom tailored to their needs and will include: 

  • A comprehensive exam

  • Cleaning (deep cleaning, debridement, polishing, scaling, ultrasonic and manual)

  • Fluoride varnish if recommended 

  • ALL DIGITAL x-rays and intra-oral photos

  • Oral hygiene education and snack counseling

Baby's First Visit
When you child starts getting teeth you will likely have many questions about how to best care for them.  
All children should establish their Dental Home within 6 months of when their first tooth comes in or by their first birthday, even if they don’t have any teeth yet. Children who establish their dental home early have better overall oral health outcomes. It also helps to promote a positive experience with dental care.

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